Silver Sage Village

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Co-Housing Development in Beautiful Boulder, Colorado is One of the Nation's First Senior Co-Housing Communities

Once slated for big box retailers, the 27 acre site of the abandoned Holiday Inn Drive-In has become Boulder's showcase for sustainable urban development. The new interconnected neighborhood was built with people and the environment in mind. Eminently walkable, the Holiday Neighborhood is near open space trails, community gardens, shops, restaurants, and two bus routes. Boulder's museums, art galleries, theaters, college sports, and festivals are just a SKIP bus ride away. 



The neighborhood is home to all income levels and also to one of the nation's first senior co-housing communities - Silver Sage Village.  Built by Jim Leach and his co-housing development company, Wonderland Hill Development, Silver Sage's one acre has 16 attached homes, a common green, internal walkways, and a 5,000 square-foot common house.

The village's homes are designed with aging in mind. They range in size from small one-level condominiums to two-story houses with full basements. All include at least two bedrooms, a full bath and kitchen, as well as decks, porches, and outside sitting areas. Some of the decks have views of the foothills and Boulder's iconic Flatirons.   Some units have income restrictions and are part of the city's affordable housing plan.  These units have sold in the mid-$100,000s.  Other units have sold for much more.


Solar heating and wet-blown cellulose insulation are among the homes' Green Built features. The village's large common house has a gourmet kitchen for community dinners, a health care services room, a wood shop, guest rooms, and rooms for films, concerts and fitness classes. The village also leases "co-working" studio space to NoBo (North Boulder) artists and writers.

Like residents of all co-housing communities, Silver Sage members have been together through the development's planning process and hope to stay together. The village is age restricted to those who are 55 or better (it is, however, across the street from Wild Sage, an intergenerational co-housing community).   Member residents come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some were university professors. Others are still working as teachers or architects. All want to "age in place" in "culturally creative" ways. 

The village's vision, outlined on its website, "is to be a strong community" that "celebrates and harvests" diversity and life experience. The community is "committed to establishing a workable balance between" privacy and community living. Members are also involved in the national co-housing movement and are willing to talk about challenges. Long-term compatibility, the ability to care for all while all age, and keeping up with maintenance are some of the problems Silver Sage residents face. The village is even co-hosting a regional conference on "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of co-housing (

Becoming a new member in an established co-housing community can be difficult. Residents committed to each other seldom move. Silver Sage has experienced some fluidity, but not much.   For seniors interested in Boulder and co-housing, Silver Sage Village is only one of several options.  Washington Village is Boulder's newest co-housing community, and Jim Leach's Wonderland Hill Development Company continues to create new opportunities regionally and nationally. 


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