This Week's In-Depth Community Review:

Winding River, St.Marys, Georgia

Charming St. Marys is on Georgia's southern coast and is the site of Winding River, an all ages, single family home community that markets to baby boomers. It has a variety of architectural styles, including coastal and cottage, as well as a beautiful clubhouse, a zero-entry pool, nature trails, marsh views and more.

Previous Week's In-Depth Community Review:

Century Village, Deerfield, Florida

Deerfield is situated along the southeastern Florida coast and is the setting of Century Village, a large, established 55+ condominium community with a wide range of prices. Amenities include two clubhouses, fifteen swimming pools, a golf course and more.

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Today's Snapshot Community Review:

St. James Plantation, Southport, NC

Southport is on the southern North Carolina coast and is the site of St. James Plantation, an all ages community with single family homes, town homes, condos, a marina, beach club, tennis courts and more.

In-Depth Community Review:

Mona Lisa Village, Tucson, AZ

In southern Arizona, Tucson is the setting for Mona Lisa Village, a small 55+ town home community with a clubhouse and a swimming pool. It is not a fancy place but is quiet and welcoming.



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What are the Benefits of a Small Town Retirement?

Surveys about where people want to retire usually suggest that most people, if they are planning to relocate at retirement time, want to live in a small town. Sometimes the idea of small town living can even be romanticized to the point that every house has a white picket fence and Christmas looks like a Norman Rockwell painting. Small towns are hardly perfect, and no two are the same, but many do offer a sense of community not found in cities. This is because residents tend to know each other, if only because gathering places are fewer and people are less dispersed. Small towns are often also less expensive than cities, although that is a generalization that does not always hold true. Some small towns are very pricey while cities in the South and Mid-West are often affordable. Small towns are usually easier to navigate and are quieter than cities. Shopping and dining options may be more limited, but they are also usually closer to home.


Latest Weekly In-Depth Reviews:

Pinehurst Trace, Pinehurst, North Carolina

Nestled in lush south central North Carolina, Pinehurst resembles an English village and is the setting for Pinehurst Trace, an established, wooded 55+ community with single story, single family brick homes, a clubhouse, an activity director, nearby golf and more.

Skyestone, Broomfield, Colorado

Broomfield sits along the Rocky Mountain foothills in north central Colorado and is the location of Skyestone, a beautiful new 55+ community with single story, single family homes, a Lodge, a swimming pool, nature trails and a pretty setting.

Rarity Bay, Vonore, Tennessee

Vonore is in rolling eastern Tennessee and is the setting for Rarity Bay, an all ages waterfront community that caters to empty nesters and retirees. Single family homes and condominiums come in a wide price range, and amenities include boat docks, an equestrian center, riding trails, a tennis and swim club, a golf course and much more.


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