This Week's In-Depth Community Review:

Songbrook, Eugene, Oregon

Leafy Eugene is in western Oregon and is the setting for Songbrook, an inviting 55+ manufactured home community set amid flowering trees, ponds, green spaces and foot bridges. Amenities include a clubhouse, planned activities, RV storage and more.

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Bent Tree Plantation, Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

On the southern North Carolina coast, cute Ocean Isle Beach is setting for Bent Tree Plantation, an established, leafy all ages community with a wide range of home prices. A clubhouse, tennis courts, boat and RV storage are a few of the amenities enjoyed by residents.

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Today's Snapshot Community Review:

Cedar Crest, Concord, NC

Located outside of Charlotte in south central North Carolina, Concord is the site of Cedar Crest, a mellow, all ages mobile home community nestled in the woods. Home sites are large, and streets are wide.

In-Depth Community Review:

Vitalia at Tradition, Port. St. Lucie, FL

Port St. Lucie is on the southeastern Florida coast and is the location of Vitalia at Tradition, a 55+ enclave within a larger all ages development. Amenities include a large clubhouse, a putting green, tennis courts, walking trails, a business center, a swimming pool with cabanas and more.



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Why Retire at All?

The traditional idea of retirement, quitting work at age 65 (or younger) and then sitting in a rocking chair while babysitting the grandkids, is fading away. Even the idea of a retirement filled with travel and hobbies does not have the same ring that it once did. People are living longer, and even with the economic downturn, many baby boomers are better off financially and are healthier than earlier generations ever were. Baby boomers changed everything about America, from scientific breakthroughs (think the artificial heart, the personal computer, DNA testing and the Internet) to women's rights. And they are changing retirement, too. In fact, many of the go-go baby boomer generation are not planning to retire at all.

After all, work gives structure to our lives. It keeps us connected to the larger world, and it gives us a sense of purpose. Look at people who work well into their 70s, 80s and 90s (Warren Buffet, Regis Philbin and many members of Congress come to mind). They do so because they find it fulfilling. Without work, many retirees soon feel adrift and disconnected. And how many rounds of golf can one really play, day after day, without feeling somewhat stuck?

Continuing to work does not mean having to stay at the same job you have had all these years. It may mean starting your own business or non-profit, working part-time somewhere fun (the zoo, a gift shop or child care center) or writing the great American novel. Whatever it is, this much is certain. The baby boomer "retirement" will be different from any kind of retirement that has come before.


Latest Weekly In-Depth Reviews:

Royal Highlands, Leesburg, Florida

Leesburg is in north central Florida and is the site of Royal Highlands, a quiet, established 55+ single family community that is nestled amid lakes, wetlands and open spaces. Amenities include a golf course, clubhouses, swimming pools, a good menu of activities and an activities director.

Orchards of Stoney Point, Cumming, Georgia

Located next to rambling Lake Lanier in rolling northern Georgia, Cumming is the site of Orchards of Stoney Point, a gated 55+ town home community. Amenities include a salt water pool, a clubhouse, a fitness center and more.

Dreamland Villa, Mesa, Arizona

Outside of Phoenix in sunny southern Arizona, Dreamland Villa is an established 55+ community with single family homes. Large but quiet, it has two clubhouses, a ceramics studio, three swimming pools, a community theater, an amphitheater and more.


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