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Situated in central New Jersey, Rossmoor is a large, established retirement community that was built from 1964 through 1992.    This development has 2,300 condominiums (a few which look like single family homes) spread across nearly 420 acres.   There are 3,000 residents here, and at least one resident in each dwelling must be at least 55 years old (a spouse may be 48 years old).    Rossmoor's architecture is American Colonial, giving Rossmoor the feeling of a quaint New England village, and a private 18-hole golf course is at the heart of the community.  This rambling development is lush and green and has something for everyone.



Ownership in Rossmoor takes the form of condo ownership or co-op ownership.  Condo ownership give the buyer a deed and the right to live in a building owned by the condo association.  The homeowner owns everything but the roof and exterior walls and can make renovations to the interior of the residence.  With co-op ownership, the buyer is essentially purchasing stock in a building and is given the right to live in it.  The condo association owns everything, even the appliances, but the buyer is not responsible for any maintenance.   Co-op owners cannot make any interior renovations.   Generally, HOA fees for a co-op will be higher than for a condo, and this is true at Rossmoor as well.   Monthly HOA fees for condos are in the $300s and $400s and in the $500s to $700s for co-ops.  In addition to all of the recreation  facilities and activities, the fees pay for a gated entrance with 24-hour security, all common area maintenance, a shuttle bus to local shopping, an on-site nurse, water and sewer, trash pick up and basic cable. 


Prices for condos start in the mid-$80,000s and go as high as the low-$300,000s.  Prices for co-ops start at $35,000 and go as high as $125,000.  The smallest residences have roughly 500 sq. ft., and the largest residences are single family homes with nearly 2,400 sq. ft.     There are eighteen separate neighborhoods, and nearly are all comprised of condos.   Units are on the first and second floors.

Rossmoor has a lot of character, and each neighborhood has its own flavor.  All of the homes are white or a pastel color, but with 51 floor plans, housing is varied in shape and size.  There are also rentals available through private owners.   Plenty of green spaces give the community a spacious feeling, and streets, named after early American historical figures, are wide, meandering and lined with trees and sidewalks (43 miles' worth).  Visit www.rossmoor-nj.com or call (609) 655-1000 for more information.

A nice thing about Rossmoor is that it is fully built out and has been for more than 15 years, so a buyer knows exactly what he or she is getting for the money.  The community is financially stable and has a good selection of amenities, including a 30,000 sq. ft. clubhouse (which also is built in American Colonial-style)  and an array of recreational facilities (a grand ball room, tennis courts, a fitness center, a woodshop, a library, a ceramics studio and a swimming pool), plus the 104-acre, 72-par Rossmoor Golf Course ($1,500 annual membership for 18 holes and $875 for 9 holes).  There are also planned activities and more than 50 clubs.   For those seeking even more things to do and see, buses travel to New York City 22 times a day from a stop just outside of Rossmoor's front gate.

The Meeting House, which is actually the community church, looks like a traditional New England church, complete with a steeple, and is used by all three of Rossmoor's faith communities for worship (and is the place for public meetings).   The Rossmoor Interfaith Council, founded in 1968, works to promote mutual understanding and respect among the various faiths represented here.

Tours for prospective residents are given 7 days a week by a group of current Rossmoor residents.  Call (609) 655-1000 to set up an appointment for a visit.

Monroe Township has a population of 35,000 people, and 65% are age 45 or better.  It is a growing, affluent community that was until fairly recently mostly farmland.  

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